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Soil Compaction Control Testing in Brisbane & Redlands Shire

Soil compaction is the process in which a high degree of compression is applied to the ground, creating soil densification (also known as soil compaction). Soil Density increases as air is displaced from the pores between the soil grains. The process of applying pressure to soil with water (or other liquids) is referred to as soil consolidation.

Our team utilise heavy machinery that streamlines the process of geotechnical engineering (i.e; the discipline of how infrastructure interacts with the ground). With our geotech testing and geotechnical reports, you can rest assured knowing the soil conditions for your construction process are optimal for construction.

Geotechnical Soil Testing & Engineering Services Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

With geotechnical testing, investigating on site conditions is imperative to preventing unexpected complications. Our geotechnical investigation explores surface and subsurface conditions of project sites that can prevent costly construction delays and disastrous dames. Independent Soil Testing geotechnical engineers provide geotechnical soil testing and engineering services, from a project site’s preliminary design through project completion.

Our Geotechnical Services Include:

  • Geotechnical Engineering Investigation
  • Soil & Foundation Report
  • Foundation Inspection
  • Compaction Control Testing
  • Field Density Testing services during filling
  • Pier Drilling Observation Services
  • Moisture Tests
  • Atterberg Limited / Plasticity Index (PI)
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Permeability Test
  • General geotechnical site investigation

In geotech soil testing, drilling is used to determine the soil strata and the strength of the insitu soils. Soil samples are then returned to our lab for laboratory testing and further analysis. Field density testing is carried out in the field to determine the insitu density of the material.

Our soil tests provides accurate and reliable soil testing services essential for the successful design and construction of residential and commercial site projects.

Geotechnical Site Investigation

For civil construction, field density testing is our more commonly utilised service in our geotechnical investigation. It is used to determine the dry density and moisture content of the soil and whether or not conditions are optimal for further construction.
The field density is usually compared with a compaction test of the same soil type, to produce a ratio for the conditions.
Compactions are either performed as Standard or Modified and sometimes Australian Standards: AS1289

Soil Compaction Control Testing

When pores and crevices are forced out of the soil and it becomes more dense, our team can then start assessing whether the ground is suitable for infrastructure.
Different projects require different ratios. For foliage to grow, the soil cannot be too dense or the roots will be unable to penetrate the soil.

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