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Independent Soil Testing has been servicing Beaudesert and the surrounding for over 30 years. Most local authorities in Queensland require Soil Testing to determine the permeability of the soil for the purpose of drainage design.

Why is Soil Testing Important?

Soil test and analysis help determine the rate of settlement and bearing capacity of the soil. This is especially important when building or buying a block of land.

There are two main types of soil tests in Beaudesert and soil reports that can be carried out when building or buying a block of land. 

Firstly, On Site Soil Investigation Test

This is where our geotechnical engineer goes to your site to determine the permeability of the soil for the purpose of drainage design. A Permeability test and soil reports are to determine the amount of drainage that is required on the soil types encountered.

Second is Structural Soil Testing

This is when soil samples are collected from your site. Material is then returned to our lab for laboratory testing and further analysis. The results of soil tests will provide information about the soil’s characteristics, nature, and reactivity.



The results of these tests are used for geotechnical reports to determine the suitability of the soils and rocks for various engineering applications.


  • Geotechnical Engineering Investigation and laboratory testing
  • Soil & Foundation Report
  • Foundation Inspection
  • Compaction Control Testing
  • Field Density Testing services during filling
  • Pier Drilling Observation Services
  • Moisture Tests
  • Atterberg Limited / Plasticity Index (PI)
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Permeability Test
  • General geotechnical site investigation


Vast Experience 

Our Geotechnical laboratory is staffed by qualified engineers and technicians with vast experience in conducting soil investigation and testing for South East Queensland and Southern Moreton Bay Area since 1990. 

Our team has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering quality Geotechnical and Environmental Services that help in the successful design and completion of residential and commercial projects. 

Reliable Service

We work diligently to deliver reliable soil investigation and testing to determine the compounds in your soil to ensure it is suitable for the design and purpose of the construction. Making informed decisions about your construction project is made easier by our accurate and reliable service.

Efficient Solutions

We work efficiently in investigating the suitability of the soil on which the construction will take place on. Our laboratory has a quality management system in place to ensure that the tests are carried out timely and correctly to provide comprehensive soil solutions from the preliminary design phase through completion.  

Fully Qualified

Our dedicated team ensures that the tests are carried out correctly. With their knowledge of soil mechanics, they investigate subsurface conditions, design earthworks, and use numerical analysis and laboratory testing to use accurate and reliable data for informed decisions that result in the successful design and construction of your project.

Streamlined Process

Our team utilise heavy machinery that streamlines the process of geotechnical engineering (i.e; the discipline of how infrastructure interacts with the ground). With our geotech testing, you can rest assured knowing the soil conditions for your construction process are optimal for construction.

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